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Protect Women Ohio Campaign

A new pro-woman, pro-parent coalition keeping Ohio safe for women, girls and babies.

Ohio women need to reject the abortion industry’s dangerous amendment, which would outlaw basic health and safety protections for women, eliminate parental notification and consent laws that protect minor girls, and allow painful abortions up until birth in our state.

What is Protect Women Ohio?

"A new pro-woman, pro-parent coalition, Protect Women Ohio (PWO), launched a multi-million-dollar television and digital ad campaign statewide today aimed at defeating an extreme amendment to the Ohio Constitution. PWO will spend $5 million on advertising in the state over the next four weeks for this first phase of its effort to defeat the amendment."

Protect Women Ohio Launches Two New Ads to Defeat Extreme, Anti-Woman Amendment

Why we need to fight this amendment.

The extreme amendment fits a very disturbing pattern, where activists divide children from their parents to further a dangerous political agenda. Right now, Ohio law protects a parent’s rights when it comes to their children’s most personal decisions, including whether to have an abortion or get a sex-change operation. This amendment would completely toss those parental rights and rewrite Ohio law.

Life Updates

Protect Women Ohio releases new video to commemorate Dobbs anniversary.

“This video is a powerful reminder of the progress we have made to protect lives across Ohio, and a call to action to defeat the ACLU’s radical anti-parent abortion amendment in November.”


Molly Smith, Board Member,

Protect Women Ohio

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